Bacc exhibition "Good to Walk"
on show now, at A spiral ramp between floors 7-9, bacc. Bangkok, Thailand.
7 artists and designers in various branches created the new experience in the ramp space.

When I see you, I see me (2012)

There are many serendipitous things around us,
waiting to be discovered.
Faith could enable us to see what we want to see.
However, our youth, spirit, innocence, free will,
and eagerness seem to fade once we grow up.

The rays from the ceiling lights shine to light up the corridor.
A brief glance reveals a simple empty space,
but with the concentration and heart of one’s inner child,
the familiar rays of light can become lively characters,
an illusion connecting light, time, space, and our own perceptions
that will lead us to a familiar world that is not as familiar as it seems.

We call them the “Gods of Light” that only appear at certain times,
like starlight that cannot be seen during the day
but is always there, waiting for the right conditions to
let them shine. As the day turns into night,
we get the chance to see them. We would
experience this new sensation, this excitement that
would bring back our childhood,
only if we are willing to observe and wait.